Feline Potassium Magnesium Pyrophosphate


These stones may be mild to moderately radiopaque.

General Information

The cause for this rare mineral is unknown.


• Risk factors for this rare stone are not known.


• Consider methionine or ammonium chloride to acidify persistently alkaline urine (pH≥6.5) to less than 6.5.


• Lower phosphorus/magnesium foods that promote acidic (pH<6.5) urine (e.g. c/d multicare, others). If needed, feed canned therapeutic foods or add water to achieve a specific gravity ≤1.030 for cats.


Medical imaging every 6 to 12 months to detect recurrence. Recurrence is an indication for further evaluation and alternative treatment strategies.


We advise reviewing manufacturer's literature regarding selected therapeutic foods to determine indications and contraindications. For pets with multiple health concerns,we suggest that the selection of diet should take into consideration all health needs of the pet.

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Feline Potassium Magnesium Pyrophosphate